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Hello and welcome to the PLANT Botanical team!


Here are some content asks:


Create content that your friends will relate to on TIK TOK and IG.  On IG, please tag @plantlovesyou


Take reels of yourself talking about PLANT and why you love it!  Reels of you and your friends partying, having fun, laughing - everything needs to feel fun and energetic.

*All people filmed must be 21 or over if they are drinking it.


When talking about PLANT try to include a few of the following but these are suggestions, it has to feel authentic and not just be a laundry list of attributes.


What you genuinely like most about PLANT, here are some ideas:

Tastes better than any other brand
Has less carbs than White Claw and less sugar than High Noon
It’s Female founded, female distilled, created by an herbalist

Has cool botanicals like:

Goji berries for skin glow, 

Dandelion for detox

Ginseng for stamina

Angelica for digestion
Sustainability. We don't wrap our cans in plastic like High Noon and many other big brands which makes them impossible to recycle.



Photos of yourself or your friends holding it or drinking it and having a good time. We don't need any pictures that are just of the cans or cartons without people in them.


Can't wait to see what you create!!


With Gratitude, 

Simone and the PLANT team

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